Schirn Special Feature: Sweet Axolotl

In Frankfurt am Main, there’s an exhibition in your favourite museum (Die Schirn), on Dioramas. One of your reasons to come here was to see the living axolotl, which part of a diorama. You walk straight to the end of the exhibition till you see it. And can’t stop watching it.


Unfortunately the Axolotl is already sleeping, meaning they switched off the light to give it some rest. But it is still moving from hither to thither, watching the visitors as well so it seems. You got to think about the surreal story on Axolotls, where the protagonist is connecting deeply with those enigmatic salamanders.

Its white skin and red gills pose a great contrast againt the brown earth of the aquarium.


The exhibition is rather packed with people and you can only motivate yourself for an ultra-fast sketch. As you forgot your ink brushpen you accomplish the drawing at home.


Size: 210 × 297 mm (DinA4); Paper grammage: 180 g/m².



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